Remote Sensing Lidar Detection
Remote Sensing Lidar Detection
Raman Temperature Lidar

Rotational Temperature Raman Lidar System TRL20

TRL20 LIDAR is the substitute of traditional passive remote sensing temperature LIDAR. It acquires real-time and high-precision aerosol temperature profile. TRL20 is the world-first commercial rotational Raman temperature LIDAR. It's small in size, light in weight, easy to move and could be carried by a car. TRL20 could be adapt to various environmental conditions without any calibration.

TRL20 sends second-harmonic generation (SHG) laser pulse vertically into the atmosphere from Nd:YAG laser. Combining fiber optics and grating spectros, TRL20 can determine atmospheric vertical temperature by detecting the Raman scattering spectrum intensity of different rotational quantum numbers. It also detects the vertical distribution of atmospheric temperature from near-ground to troposphere. It provides a fast detection in large range and in high accuracy.

The temperature LIDAR, by monitoring the temperature variation at different heights under atmospheric boundary layer, judges pollutant diffusion status and whether temperature inversion will be formed. The temperature LIDAR provides an effective means to research the cause of such disastrous weather as aerosol(floating-dust), photo-chemical smog, haze and so on.

Technical Features

  1. Rotational Temperature Raman Lidar,with active remote detecting function., less affected by weather.
  2. Of high sensitivity and high spatial resolution, can observe continuously in long term and acquire real-time aerosol temperature profile.
  3. Of high measurement accuracy, unaffected by aerosol molecular extinction, wind speed and wind direction.
  4. Easy to browse the quantity, height, and thickness of temperature inversion of any time by cursor.
  5. Small, light, easy to move and could be mounted on a vehicle.
  6. Simple installation and operation, Low maintenance cost.