Remote Sensing Lidar Detection
Remote Sensing Lidar Detection
Laser Ceilometer

Laser Ceilometer C15

Clouds is an external manifestation of the thermal processes and dynamic processes in the atmosphere. Clouds is also an important part of the water cycle. Clouds play an important role in the balance of ground radiation and have an important impact on climate patterns and weather forecasts. Therefore, the measurement of clouds is of great significance on meteorology. Laser Ceilometer C15 could measure the height of clouds base, clouds thickness, PBL, AOD, PM10, PM2.5 and so on. Meanwhile, measurement of cloud base height is of great importance to flight safety.

C15 laser ceilometer is composed of the diode pump laser -Nd:YAG polarized pulse laser, optical systems of laser emission and signal reception, a photoelectric detector of high-sensitivity, a high-speed counter of multi-channel, a computer, and software for system controlling and data processing.

Technical Features

  1. Semiconductor Nd: YAG laser as the light source, strong ability of penetrating, measures over 3 layers of clouds.
  2. Resolution is better than 10m.
  3. Monitors meteorological environmental visibility, PBL, AOD, PM10, PM2.5.Allows network monitoring for a better understanding of the entire city’s distribution of clouds layers and pollutants.
  4. A variety of data transmission patterns are available to upload data to the ISOS platform, and to back-up and store the data of PBL, AOD, PM10, PM2.5 and visibility in the local database for later comprehensive analysis and process.
  5. Built-in IPC for easier wireless transmission and local storage.
  6. Strong field adaptability, equipped with monitoring modules and wipers.
  7. Collaboration monitoring software of multiple equipment.