Remote Sensing Lidar Detection
Remote Sensing Lidar Detection


Aerosol Laser Lidar with 3D Scanning Function EV-Lidar-CAM

With 532nm laser, EV-Lidar-CAM with 3D scanning function, is mainly used to continuously monitor horizontal and vertical distribution of atmospheric aerosols, to analyze composition and spatial&temporal evolution of aerosols, to monitor the concentration distribution of PM10 and PM2.5 vertically and horizontally, and to monitor weather process of haze, sandstorm and rainfall in real-time. Connected to an intelligent camera and an electronic map, we can get a view of actual air condition and determine the local atmospheric pollution. The real-time images taken by different adjustable focus, can help monitor more accurately the industrial dust emission, pollutant diffusion over city and determine the position of pollutant sources.

With vertical scanning function, EV-Lidar-CAM can display distribution of pollutant sources and pollutant degree, within scanned area. With section scanning function, EV-Lidar-CAM can monitor pollutant cross-border transportation in real-time.

It can be installed in a vehicle or fixed on a station, because of the compact structure and small size.

Technical Features

  1. Patented Temperature Control Technology
    The ambient temperature changes have certain effects in field observations.EV-Lidar-CAM has a patented temperature control technology, to ensure that the equipment would work stably in different conditions of temperature.
  2. GIS map combined
    When combined with GIS map, the lidar system could directly display geographic information and PM10 or PM2.5 concentration of any position within monitoring area.
  3. Excellent 3D scanning technology
    The advanced 3D scanning motor, which is OEM made in German, could achieve the highest scanning accuracy and the best systematization. The scanning part could be unilaterally fixed in a vehicle and be portable.
  4. Strong environment adaptability
    The built-in temperature control module could make sure the lidar work within a temperature range at -10℃—40℃.
  5. Multiple parameters inversion technology
    The EV-Lidar-CAM could accurately invert and directly display such parameters as AOD, PBL, extinction coefficient, PM10/PM2.5, cloud height and so on.
  6. Eye-safety TUV certificate
    EV-Lidar-CAM meets the requirements of German eye-safety TUV certificate.
  7. Coaxial transmission Principle
    Coaxial transmission optical system minimizes the blind zone to 45m, and eliminates the influence of the reflected light on the detector. Meanwhile, the stability and reliability of the system are improved by simplifying the optical path design, weakening the influence of temperature and vibration on the optical path.


Vertical distribution and spatial&temporal evolution features of aerosols

Horizontal scanning-tracing pollutant sources

Section flux calculation