Haze Monitor
Haze Monitor
Integrating Nephelometer

Integrating Nephelometer EA-22

EA-22, using stable LED light source, could simultaneously measure the aerosol scattering coefficient of 3 wavelength, involving 450nm (blue), 525nm (green), 635nm (red), and provide analysis in research of aerosols’ optical scattering properties and particulate matter (PM) composition. LCD touch screen of high resolution, Chinese menu, and internal modular design, makes it simple and easy to operate and maintain.The automatic sample heater helps to eliminate the humidity effects, and to guarantee the data stability, accuracy and truth.

Technical Features

  1. High-resolution LCD touch screen, simple operation, easy maintenance.
  2. High-capacity data storage. Internal storage - 1 year of 5 minutes average
  3. External storage - optional SD card.
  4. Manual, automatic, remote operation.
  5. Higher measurement accuracy.
    - Automatic optical reference calibration. ( An optical scattering shutter helps compensating dark current of photo-multiplier tube and light source ).
    - Strong LED light source.
  6. Automatic zero calibration, automatic span calibration or automatic zero and span calibration available in intervals of 1, 3, 6, 12 or 24 hrs.
  7. The Standard Model is EA-22 3-Wavelength; Enable to customize different models, involves single-wavelength, dual-band, multi-band (up to 3 bands).
  8. Automatic sample heater which can eliminate humidity effects.
  9. Automatic internal valve calibration, ideal for outdoors operation.