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OCEC online analyzer
OCEC online analyzer

OCEC online analyzer EA-32

EA-32 OCEC online analyzer, adopting thermal analysis method of US EPA standard, can continuously monitor OCEC of atmospheric aerosols. By means of non-volatile characteristic of EC better than OC, the sample gas will be heated and distinguished step by step. Then OC and EC will be catalyzed to CO2, contents of which will be determined by NDRI technology. Equipped with optical correction unit to reduce error caused by carbonization of OC, the analysis results become accurate and reliable.Independent Chinese operation system and real-time running-state, make it easy to use the device and understand the running-state.

Technical Features

  1. Measure contents of OC and EC from the particulates sample, by adopting NDRI technology.
  2. Easy operation, high-resolution analysis, accurate and reliable results.
  3. Full-auto & Semi-continuous analysis procedure, can simultaneously analyze OC & EC, and auto-detect the cut-off point of OC & EC.
  4. Gas flow paths controlled by computer.
  5. Monitor OC&EC release into quartz film, by adopting transmission laser method.
  6. New type of long-lived heating ring and heating power control unit, make the system more stable and durable.